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High-performance mist collector GME series – Apiste Corporation

Helping comfortable factory environments last longer with less effort.

Apiste’s three Series lineup is inspired by our product concept of
helping businesses make comfortable factory environments that
last longer with less effort. A mist collector for every application.

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High-Performance Mist CollectorGME-S-Pro series

Multi-step collection and positive pressure drain allow for extended periods without the need for maintenance.
The industry’s first body that can be taken apart allows you to freely overhaul the mist collector.
This is a professional eco model that is also capable of air flow control by a PM motor* and inverter.
* The 400W model is equipped with an induction motor.

High-performance mist collector GME-S-Pro series model list

ModelInstalled motor output (kW)Maximum airflow (m3/min)Collecting efficiency (%)External dimensions (H×W×D) (mm)Weight (kg)
GME-S400-Pro0.4 kW 2P (fully enclosed fan-less type)7.799.7H444×W368×D530Approx. 25
GME-S750-Pro0.75 kW 4P (fully enclosed fan-less type)12.699.7H484×W408×D539Approx. 26

High-Performance Mist CollectorGME-S-eco series

This is a simple eco model designed to achieve high energy savings with the industry’s best-in-class high air flow active cyclone and air flow control by an inverter.

High-performance mist collector GME-S-eco series model list

ModelInstalled motor output (kW)Maximum airflow (m3/min)Collecting efficiency (%)External dimensions (H×W×D) (mm)Weight (kg)
GME-S400-eco0.4 kW 2P (fully enclosed fan-less type)11.599.0H444×W368×D530Approx. 23
GME-S750-eco0.75 kW 4P (fully enclosed fan-less type)15.899.0H484×W408×D539Approx. 24

1-way Flow Mist Collectors GME-S series

GME-S Series high-performance mist collectors deliver air in a horizontal direction to a positive pressure drain mechanism equipped with a drain discharge port. The system ejects trapped mist out of the drain discharge port more efficiently than negative pressure drain mist collectors.

1-way flow mist collector model list

ModelInstalled motor output
Collecting efficiency *
External dimensions(H×W×D)
GME-S4000.4kW 2P(totally-enclosed fan-cooled type)5.6/6.699.7H407×W333×D54733
GME-S7500.75kW (totally-enclosed fan-cooled type)1199.7H447×W374×D55137
GME-S15001.5kW (totally-enclosed fan-cooled type)1799.7H507×W434×D67448

High-performance filter mist collectorGME-F series

The high performance filter type GME-F2200 is a mist collector equipped with a newly developed smoke catch filter and has a large air flow 7 times larger than past models*
It can be used in a variety of sites where a single mist collector requires a large air flow, such as open-type machining equipment, multi-branched piping system, and crowded spaces with no space around equipment.
*Comparison with GME-S400

  • The motor is complied with IE3 which meets the standards in Japan.
  • Please be sure to check in advance whether the product can be imported in each country.

High-performance filter mist collector model list

ModelInstalled motor output (kW)Maximum airflow (m3/min)Collecting efficiency (%)External dimensions (H×W×D) (mm)Weight (kg)
GME-F2200-502.2kW 2P (Fully closed Outer door type)4699.9H2165×W712×D610Approx. 190
GME-F2200-602.2kW 2P (Fully closed Outer door type)4399.9H2165×W712×D610Approx. 190

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Our company has established a one territory-one person system, placing dedicated sales and technical staff in every region across the country. This allows us to respond speedily to urgent matters, provide estimates and delivery inquiries, and send materials, effectively meeting all our customers’ needs.

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Since our founding, we have accumulated a wealth of information and know-how by observing our products in use in various fields. This forms the basis of our comprehensive technical support system. We encourage you to feel free to consult us about any question, no matter how minor it may seem.

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Our company, grounded in field-oriented principles, focuses on designing products that are easy to maintain and service. We carry out inspections and provide inspection reports for the products you install. We believe that after-sales service adds significant value, especially for products used in demanding environments.

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At Apiste’s website, we concentrate on providing content that is useful for our customers. This includes inquiries, downloads of CAD data and catalogs, and online support for model selection.

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