About Us

It is a platform that directly connects manufacturing companies to each other, facilitating new transactions and enhancing productivity.

What we do?

We disseminate products, company information, and specialized expertise to enhance the productivity of manufacturing companies worldwide.

Our Vision

“0 Borders ∞ Values” We assist in accurately conveying value in the global market, where cultural backgrounds and consumption habits differ, ensuring it reaches those who need it most.

What is dot B ?

With the concept of Direct to Business, dot.B is a platform designed to directly connect manufacturing companies, fostering new transactions and enhancing productivity.

To companies wishing to be listed on dot B:

Companies wishing to have their business featured on dot.B, please contact us here. There is no charge for basic listings.

Our sales team will get in touch with you within a few days.

Company Information

Operating Company: LIFE PEPPER
Country: Japan
Website URL: https://lifepepper.co.jp/
Address: Shinto GINZA East 6F, 3-1-10 Tsukiji, Chuo-ku, Tokyo