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Control panel cooling unit : HFC Alternative gas & Non-Drain ENC-GR-LE-eco series – Apiste Corporation

Non-freon, energy-saving control panel cooler with non-drain function

The first player in this industry market non-freon-gas, non-draining control panel cooling unit.

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Non-freon, energy-saving control panel cooler with non-drain function

Zero energy consumption. Innovative energy-saving, non-drain evaporation filter system.

The Apiste lineup includes non-drain models that make it possible to use non-freon-gas energysaving control panel coolers in places where discarding drain water is a problem. Apiste non-drain models can perform even in hot and humid 35ºC, 85% humidity conditions. An innovative evaporation filter combining superior absorption and permeation temporarily collects drain water. Radiant heat from the cooler then evaporates the drain water without using any extra electricity.

Non-drain mechanism

Drain water extracted from moist air inside the control panel drips uniformly into the top of the evaporation filter and temporarily collects in the evaporation filter. Exposing the water to warm air that has passed through the condenser creates an energy-saving nondrain system.

The fi rst in the industry to use UL standard compliant flame-retardant evaporization filter

A special absorbent filter with good water absorbency, ventilation and flame-retardancy is used for effective and safe processing of drain water.

Apiste was born with the philosophy of “”providing the best technology, products, and sincerity.

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Our company has established a one territory-one person system, placing dedicated sales and technical staff in every region across the country. This allows us to respond speedily to urgent matters, provide estimates and delivery inquiries, and send materials, effectively meeting all our customers’ needs.

Technical Support

Since our founding, we have accumulated a wealth of information and know-how by observing our products in use in various fields. This forms the basis of our comprehensive technical support system. We encourage you to feel free to consult us about any question, no matter how minor it may seem.

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Our company, grounded in field-oriented principles, focuses on designing products that are easy to maintain and service. We carry out inspections and provide inspection reports for the products you install. We believe that after-sales service adds significant value, especially for products used in demanding environments.

From Consultations and Various Documents to Convenient Selection Tools

At Apiste’s website, we concentrate on providing content that is useful for our customers. This includes inquiries, downloads of CAD data and catalogs, and online support for model selection.

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Control panel cooling unit ENC-GR-SUS/ENC-GR-eco

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