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Defrosting Machine – MIP4 – MEIJI MACHINE CO.LTD.

For those moments when you need to defrost in a hurry! Introducing our mini-batch defrosting machine that doesn’t take up much space.

The “MIP4” is a defrosting machine capable of defrosting up to 25kg (approximately the size of a standard cardboard box) per cycle. Despite its small quantity capacity, it boasts a powerful 75kW output, enabling extremely short defrosting times of under one minute (with a daily defrosting capacity guideline of 3 tons).

Its compact size allows for the easy handling of various frozen products, much like using a household microwave. The inclusion of a turntable with a diameter of φ730mm inside the cavitation room ensures even more uniform defrosting.


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– Does not require a lot of space for placement.
– Contributes to the reduction of defrosting chambers and shelves, saving space.
– Allows for the setting of the finished product’s temperature.
– Enables immediate defrosting when needed.
– Microwave defrosting prevents the loss of flavor and protein.
– Capable of defrosting while the product is still in its cardboard box.
– Simplifies hygiene management standards.
– Helps suppress bacteria that can contaminate and infect food.

Defrosting capacity: 1 to 3 tons per day.

Suitable for defrosting small quantities.
The maximum volume is 25 kg (a typical cardboard box).
The output of the oscillator is 75 kW,
The oscillator output is 75 kW, so the defrosting time is very short, less than 1 minute.
(approx. 3 tons per day). The defrosting time is very short, less than 1 minute (approx. 3 tons per day).
Because it is a compact type, it can be easily used to defrost all kinds of frozen products.
This machine can be used just like a microwave oven at home.
The 730 mm diameter turntable in the cavity room
inside the cavity chamber allows for more uniform defrosting.
The dimensions of MIP4 when installed in parallel are 3.2 m wide and 2.17 m deep,
and 2.17 m deep when installed in parallel. If space is at a premium, the MIP4 can be installed in parallel with the transmitter on a platform.
The transmitter can be placed on a platform.
The MIP4 can also be placed on a platform, and like the MIP10, the waveguides can be connected to each other to create a flexible layout.
The layout can be freely arranged by connecting the waveguides together.
The transmitter can also be placed on the platform.


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MEIJI MACHINE CO.,LTD. is a company involved in multiple businesses, including industrial machinery, solar, and real estate. In the industrial machinery-related business, the company designs and manufactures machinery for flour milling, compound feed, grinding, and chocolate molding and cooling equipment. The subsidiary, Yanagihara Flour Milling Machinery Co., Ltd., manufactures machinery for crop processing and agricultural equipment. In the solar-related business, the company sells, installs, and maintains solar power generation systems and facilities. Additionally, the company generates revenue from real estate by leasing its headquarters building.

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