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Utilized for many years in a variety of industries, our PVA sponge rollers are valued for their outstanding moisture-wicking capability and drying performance.

In addition to enabling continuous moisture wicking with simple machinery for pressing the sponge rollers against and rotating them over the work, leaving little water remaining, they enable reducing the amount of heat during drying. What’s more, our PVA sponge rollers make it possible to wash off/eliminate microscopic foreign matter without damaging the work.

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  • Roller-shaped (cylindrical) PVA sponge.
  • With toughness characterizing the stock’s unitary structure, and in the wet state being extremely supple and of superior elasticity, Aion’s PVA sponge rollers are free of losses like nap and lint, meaning there is no concern of damaging the work.
  • Clamping the work from above/below with the sponge rollers and rotating them enables continuous drying.
    In contrast to bristled-brush rollers, because the entire contact surface touches the work, microscopic foreign matter can be uniformly washed away.
  • Modes we have available to supply include “polyvinyl-tube adhered products,” “metal-core* (primarily stainless steel) adhered products,” and “sponges alone.” ※The customer may furnish metal cores, special-standard (other than VP-pipe), or processed polyvinyl chloride tubes.

Sponge Material

PVA Sponges (Polyvinyl Formal: PVF)

Applications • Industries • Targets

Moisture-Wicking (drying):glass (building materials, cars, FPD-use), printed-circuit boards, lead frames, tires, car mats, food packaging, glass bottles, resin polymers/films
Painting:Resin polymers, films (antistatic-agents); paper (aqueous and water-soluble glues)
Scrubbing:Hard disks, silicon wafers, glass substrates for FPDs

We will continue to “evolve” by acquiring the ability to respond to an environment that is changing more rapidly than we had ever imagined, meet the diverse needs of our customers, and develop as a world-class company.

Water Absorption and Cleaning Business

Water absorption and dewatering materials for printed circuit boards, glass, seaweed, etc.
Hard disks, silicon wafers, flat panel display (FPD) glass

Cleaning materials for substrates

Wiping materials for clean rooms and peripheral equipment
Absorption and impregnation materials for ink, chemical solutions, etc.

Filtration Business

Various filters and filter housings used for microfiltration and mass filtration of liquids in the chemical, electronic semiconductor, magnetic media, automotive, photographic, food, and other industries, as well as filtration systems that combine the two.

Air filters essential for air conditioning in factories and buildings

Drinking water purification systems to supply drinking water in times of disaster or where there is no water supply.

Polishing Business

Grinding wheels and buffs used for polishing and high-precision finishing of metals, stones, glass, resins, and other materials

Lifestyle Materials Business

Car care products such as “Plasene” popular among car enthusiasts
Household cleaning products, sports towels, pet towels
Puff, Sponge Chief, and other professional-use cosmetic materials

Environment and Health Business

Microorganism carriers for wastewater and liquid waste treatment and deodorization
Powder/liquid separators (solid-liquid separators) in wastewater
Materials for chemical impregnation and other medical-related materials

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