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Power Supply for System Rack HPCFX-350P Series – Nipron Co. Ltd.

Small size and large capacity Flex ATX power supply

Backup function protects PCs at blackout
Conducted emission of even a single power supply unit clears VCCI Class B.
Plug-in cables for re-configuring power cables (except for the main power cable).
Minimum load current 0A for all outputs specification.
Low noise design with a temperature controlled variable-speed fan.

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  • Double-sided through hole PCB suitable for industrial use.
  • High efficiency with synchronous rectification circuit
  • Min. load current is 0A for all outputs.
  • Safety standard approved (IEC/UL/CSA62368-1)
  • By building in the thermal-sensing variable speed fan, noise reduction can be realised.
  • Blackout backup available model lineup

Nipron was founded in 1970 and has been a leading manufacturer of power supplies in Japan.

Our lineup includes AC DC power supplies, medical power supplies, ATX power supplies, UPS function embedded ATX power supplies, and backup solution.

We provide solution to a wide range of high end industries including IPC, servers, medical devices, factory automation, testing and measurement, inspection, money handling, transportation, amusement, and telecommunication.
Nipron is a partner of customers who do not compromise reliability of the power supply.

Management philosophy

With a “vision and passion” for power supply creation that takes “protection” as its policy, Nipron strives to be a globally unique company with the heart of a samurai.
Seven management concept

  • Corporate durability concept
  • New enterprise concept
  • Action concept
  • Creation concept
  • Enterprise concept
  • Skill concept
  • Elevated conception concept
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