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Powerful and affordable vibration sensor That fills in the palm your hand.

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You can use the data to fit your custom needs.

Data of all three axes(X,Y,Z) acceleration for a total of 96,000 points can be downloaded in about 2 seconds.

Data can be useful for FFT and various kinds of analysis

What you can see by vibration measurement.

Prediction image by digitization and scheduled measurement

  • State of the motor and pump can be shown, including degradation.
  • Vibrations increase with machine degradation.
  • Planned maintenance to prevent sudden stops.
  • Slight deviations can be detected and measured by relative measurement.

Automatic measurement can save time and decrease the danger to your employees.

If you connnect conanair to the Wi-Fi you can collect data automatically to on a PC.

  • Set up to 100 conanairs on the PC.
  • Raw and processed data can be saved automatically to your PC.
  • Excel macro for trend management, a CSV conversion tool and FFT application are included.

Decrease the risk of operation failure by predictive maintenance using vibration monitoring. It’s easy to get started.

Our main business is mechanical equipment installation and maintenance.

Our specialties are fluid and heat transportation machines like pumps, compressors, refrigerators and air conditioners. Our main customers are major automobile manufacturers and their suppliers in Japan, and we provide various kinds of assistance in production engineering and equipment maintenance.

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