Explosion-proof conanair – NSXe Co. LTD.

Suitable for preventive/predictive maintenance. Flexible and versatile, allowing vibration data to be used in CMMS and various other systems.

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Mini Wi-Fi Vibration Measurement Device Explosion-proof [conanair]

Manual Operation

  • Easy Operation by Browsers on Smartphone, Tablet or PC. No application required!
  • Accelerations, Velocities and 3D Composite Values are indicated.
  • Acceleration and Velocity Waveform Graphs of X,Y,Z axes are shown.
  • FFT(Fast Fourier Transform) frequency analysis application is included.
  • Acceleration Wave Data and their Summary Data can be downloaded in 2 seconds.
  • Evalution of machine Viblation based on ISO 10816 is possible.
  • Each Measuring Point can have Warning and Alaming values.

Automatic Operation

  • Battery Life is 7 Years based on Single Measurement of 10 seconds a Day.
  • Acceleration Wave Data and their Summary Data are automatically saved on a PC through Wi-Fi.
  • Data Acquisition Interval is easily set on the Text File.(Max. 100 conanairs)
  • Excel Macro example for Trend Graph is also attached.

Our main business is mechanical equipment installation and maintenance.

Our specialties are fluid and heat transportation machines like pumps, compressors, refrigerators and air conditioners. Our main customers are major automobile manufacturers and their suppliers in Japan, and we provide various kinds of assistance in production engineering and equipment maintenance.

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