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High Frequency Viscoelasticity Measurement System HFR002 – HighFrequency ViscoElasticity Corporation

HFR002 realizes unprecedented ultrasonic viscoelasticity measurement.

It can measure not only bulk viscoelasticity (BOT) but also surface viscoelasticity (SUF) in megahertz.
High-frequency viscoelastic properties, which are closely related to the friction of rubber such as tires, can be determined.
Megahertz viscoelasticity measurement is also available for materials whose properties change depending on electric field.

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Specialized in high frequency range

  • Real condition (no cryogenic bath or conversion required)
  • Real sample (No sample preparation required)
  • Real time (results are obtained on the spot)

New Applications

Measurement of liquid such as ink suspension, viscous fluid, and elastomer skin layer is possible.
Collaboration with a rheometer is also possible.


Measurement Frequency0.5–20MHz

*Multiple sensors are required. Measurement bandwidth varies depending on the sample to be measured.

Sample TypesSolid, Suspended Liquid, Liquid (with separate attachments for each)
Sample SizeFlat size: 50x50mm or larger
Thickness: 1–10mm (varies with the sample and measurement bandwidth)
*Please consult with us because parallelism and thickness accuracy affect measurement accuracy for solids.
Solid Measurement Unit SizeWDH: 250x200x400mm
HFR002 Controller SizeWDH: 450x650x700mm

*A thermostatic chamber is required for high-precision measurement. (Internal dimensions WDH: 360x250x420mm or more)

Power Supply100V 1000w D-type grounding

We will continue to propose “Products and Services”  based on our “core technology”.


1. Core technology

High frequency Viscoelasticity measurement technology

Features are included viscoelasticity observation of the time change in process and surface physical property measurements on actual product itself.

High frequency Viscoelasticity measurement can be used for the product in the actual use temperature .

We call “3R” as these features.

・ Real Time

observe physical properties changing in the reaction field. in situ.

・Real Sample 

evaluate the actual product itself. do you need specimen?

・Real Condition

without the time-temperature conversion that is required cryostat, in use status and the actual temperature.


2. Products and Services

1) HighFrequency Rheometer HFR  Equipment development and measurement services

We will cover up to field measurements from the basic research of High frequency Viscoelasticity by the sensor unit matched for each object .
First of all to start with, about what you want to measure any material why not email us.

2)Technology management support

We would like to support of new business areas and business revitalization by taking advantage of the experience that gained in instrumentation development.

In addition to technology deep tillage, commercialization ideas by contact with the customer become increasingly important in the future.
We propose from such a point of view.

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