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Are you looking for a HAST Chamber product?

When selecting HAST Chamber for your company’s needs, there are several important points to consider during the comparison and evaluation process.
1. Pressure and Temperature Range
Evaluate the pressure and temperature range of the HAST chamber to ensure it can simulate the required conditions for your products’ testing.
2. Test Sample Size
Check the size of the test chamber and the number of test samples it can accommodate to ensure it meets your production needs.
3. Test Duration
Consider the maximum test duration the chamber can perform, especially if your products require extended exposure to high-pressure steam.
4. Pressure and Temperature Uniformity
Assess the chamber’s ability to maintain uniform pressure and temperature distribution throughout the testing process for consistent and accurate results.
5. Control and Automation
Check if the HAST chamber offers automated control and data logging features to streamline the testing process and reduce human errors.
6. Safety Features
Verify that the chamber has safety features in place to prevent any potential hazards during testing, such as overpressure or overheating.
7. Compliance with Standards
Ensure that the HAST chamber complies with relevant industry standards, such as IEC 60068-2-66 or ASTM F1940, to ensure the validity of the test results.
8. Maintenance and Calibration
Consider the ease of maintenance and calibration requirements of the chamber to ensure consistent and reliable test results over time.
9. Cooling System
Evaluate the cooling system used in the chamber to quickly bring down the temperature after testing and reduce the downtime between test cycles.
10. Data Analysis and Reporting
Check if the HAST chamber provides comprehensive data analysis and reporting features to facilitate result interpretation and documentation.