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Vacuum Glove Box Model VG-800 – SANPLATEC CORP.

Convenient for loading and unloading instrument samples during work with a pass box.

Glove box made of transparent acrylic for excellent visibility. Efficient gas displacement by internal depressurization.

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This all-acrylic type was first commercialized in Japan.
It has been used for many years in various fields such as inspection, compounding, and measurement.


  • The left side door allows loading and unloading of work equipment, and the right side pass box allows loading and unloading of samples during work.
  • The strength of the unit is designed to withstand a full vacuum.
  • We have delivered three main units connected together and a vacuum chamber for work use. We can design and manufacture according to your on-site requirements.
  • Option: 2-pin, 4-pin, 16-pin, etc. electrode terminals
    Gas inlet (inside and outside)
    Change of valve outer diameter
    Installation of table tap inside the chamber
    Installation of foot switch


This vacuum glove box is designed to withstand a full vacuum in both the main body and the pass box, but rapid suction and aspiration may cause damage and accelerate deterioration.
When using as a vacuum desiccator, be sure to use it with the glove cap attached.
The vacuum gauge indicates the differential pressure between atmospheric pressure and the inside of the glove box. (Unit: MPa)
Internal operation under reduced pressure is not allowed.


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