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Solenoids Diaphragm Metering Pump PZ – TACMINA CORPORATION

Universal Standard Model that supports a wide power supply specification

Wide Voltage Range Power Supply
There is no need to worry about site power supply voltage or voltage fluctuations since it can be used with AC100 to 240 V (±10%) power supplies. You can also keep it in stock safely since it can be used for a variety of sites and applications.

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Adjusting Dial for Easy Operation

Manual adjustment from 15 to 300 pulses per minute

Water- & Dust-Proof Specifications

IEC standard
IP65 or equivalent
* Avoid condensation and immersion in water.

Simple Structure

Minimum number of parts allows easy maintenance.

TACMINA welcomes challenging applications with superior customer support and hospitality.

Seemingly impossible dilemmas. Challenging problems.
TACMINA’s pump technology exists as it does today thanks to the challenges our customers face.
It is when faced with the most difficult challenges that we most fully exemplify
our devotion to our customers through the spirit of service.
TACMINA, a liquid solutions company that welcomes every kind of challenge.

TACMINA’s Liquid Solutions

It’s our job to understand our customers’ varied requests and provide solutions.
Driven by this philosophy, all of us at TACMINA work tirelessly work to understand the unique properties
of different liquids and process conditions in order to provide optimal transportation systems.

Providing Understanding Through Objective, Scientific Data Analysis
Over the course of our problem-solving processes, we report the results of our tests and analysis to our customers in detail before we move on to the next step. Equipped with the latest liquid analysis equipment, measuring instrumentation, simulation systems and more, our advanced analysis techniques are ready to meet your needs.

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