Float-type Level Switch – RIKO Float Technology CO.LTD.

Riko’s float-type level switch flexibly accommodates the movement of specific liquids.

  1. The simple mechanism is relatively trouble-free.
  2. The compact design requires little space.
  3. The highly reliable reed switch contacts have a high repeated accuracy and long service life.
  4. No adjustment after installation is required, and little maintenance is needed.
  5. The float-type configuration accommodates non-conductive liquids.
  6. The stable design exhibits little irregularity of movement.
  7. It is lower-priced than other types.

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Appearance and structure

As outlined in the figure below, as the float falls, it has the status of “switched ON.” Likewise, as the float rises, it has the status of “switched OFF.”

Model nomenclature

Base material of product
(such as stem and float) is plastic.



Base material of product
(such as stem and float) is stainless steel.

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Basics of Float-Type Level Switches

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