Metal slider 200 MS-200. Small but powerful grinding. Simultaneous treatment of dross and burrs!

Metal slider 200

Small but powerful grinding.
Simultaneous treatment of dross and burrs!
Necessary functions are condensed into a simple and compact unit.
Installation area is less than 1/3 of that of conventional machines. This model is specially designed for small workpieces.

The forte

Double polishing method
This system can perform everything from dross removal to edge radius finishing in a single operation, which is difficult with conventional deburring machines.

Grip belt
Grip belts enable the machining of small workpieces without the need for blower suction.

Low running costs
The low power consumption of 2.0 kW reduces running costs.

Front opening for easy maintenance
The front door can be opened wide to allow easy brush replacement, cleaning and inspection.

Wide range of polishing tools
In addition to deburring, the line-up includes a variety of grinding tools for various machining operations, such as dross and spatter removal.

Simple operation panel for intuitive use.
The machining conditions are set using the three handles on the top and side of the machine and the knob on the top of the front panel. Intuitive operation allows adjustment of the workpiece and brush application.

Outstanding workability
Workpiece loading and retrieval can be easily carried out without the operator having to change their standing position.

Ready to use with 200 V power supply.
Built-in dust collection mechanism, no ancillary equipment required; can be connected to a 200 V outlet for immediate processing.

Built-in dust collector. Easy maintenance.
Built-in dust collection mechanism. Collected dust can be easily disposed of from the tank at the base of the unit, making maintenance easy.

Machining examples

Deburring and radius finishing
■Material: Stainless steel
■Cutting and processing method: Laser
■Brush used: Sanding sheet + Abrasive brush
■Size: 20 x 30 mm t=2.0 mm

Deburring and R-finishing

■Material: SS material
■Cutting and processing method: Laser
■Brush used: Sanding sheet + Abrasive brush
■Size: φ70mm t=1.6mm

Deburring and radius finishing
■Material: Stainless steel
■Cutting and processing method: Laser
■Brush used: Sanding sheet + Abrasive brush
■Size: 35 x 35 mm t = 8.0 mm

Process of delivery

Please contact us by enquiry form, telephone, fax or e-mail.
Please provide specific information on material, plate thickness, size, etc.
Test pieces are also accepted.
2Sample request.
Please provide us with a product sample.
We will then return the sample processed by Metal Slider.
Please check the finished product.
3Confirmation of specifications.
We will discuss specifications and options in detail.
We will contact you with a quotation and delivery date.
5Signing the contract.
We recommend that you check the actual metal slider once before signing the contract.
6Delivery, installation and commissioning.
Installation and commissioning are carried out on site.
It takes approximately two months from contract to delivery.

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Dimensional drawings and performance specifications


performance characteristic


Max. work width200mm
Max. workpiece40mm
Conveying speed0.4~4.0m/min
Machine weight260kg
Power supplyAC200V 3φ
Electrical capacity2kW


In order to meet various burr strength and finish requirements, we pursue the best brushes for deburring machines using a variety of domestic and foreign abrasive cloths.

Metal slider-specific polishing tools

Sanding PadSanding Sheet (Standard)Sanding SheetAbrasive Brush
Part NumberSB-PADSP-080 SHE
SP-120 SHE
SN-060 SHE
SN-120 SHE
SN-320 SHE
SB-BRU 080
SB-BRU 120
(Counter-rotating brush)
Grit Size#80
NotesUsed with sanding sheets attached. Strongly removes burrs and dross.Used with sanding pad. High durability sheet.Used with sanding pad.Removes secondary burrs generated by sanding pad and finishes workpiece edges to R.
Hero BrushPin BrushAdapter
Grit Size#80
NotesA brush with strong grinding power. Suitable for processing with large R.Removes dross adhered by thermal cutting.Used to attach quick-release brushes and pads.

Magnetic conveyor
Strong magnetic force adsorption allows workpieces with a small ground contact area to be fixed without the use of a jig.
The workpiece must be made of steel or other material that can be magnetically fixed.

Reversing device for backside machining
By adding a reversing device between two Metal Slider 200s side by side, deburring on both sides can also be achieved.