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Spindle S-CUBE for further automation of equipment

The basic concept of the S-CUBE series was created to automate deburring, polishing, drilling and minor cutting operations that are performed by humans.
Although automation of equipment is required in many manufacturing industries, it is not inexpensive to implement.
In particular, the automation of detailed operations such as deburring and R-machining is often considered to be more suitable for manual operations, when cost-effectiveness is taken into account.
However, with the introduction of the S-CUBE, these automated operations become a realistic option.
The S-CUBE provides automation solutions to suit your budget and shortens the payback period for your capital investment.

Innovative ultra-compact spindle

The S-CUBE combines advanced technology in a compact body measuring just 65 mm square to create an ultra-compact spindle with rotational speeds of up to 20,000 RPM and run-out accuracy of 2 µm.
The dedicated motor, which is compatible with a variety of power supplies, offers rotational speeds of up to 3,000 RPM at 24 V and 6,000 RPM at 48 V, with rated torques of 0.4 N-m and 0.35 N-m.
The S-CUBE’s compact design saves significant space in installations and improves energy efficiency.

Reduced weight and costs with S-CUBE

The S-CUBE’s small size and light weight significantly reduces the size and required rigidity of the equipment.
The S-CUBE reduces weight in a way that was unthinkable with conventional spindles and contributes to overall equipment cost reductions.
After years of research and development by our company, we are now offering this innovative spindle control unit to optimise your equipment investment and increase productivity.

Models available for immediate use.

The S-CUBE is available in models that can be used immediately after unpacking.
As the power supply unit and controller unit are included, the product can be used on the production line as soon as it arrives.
Productivity can be increased immediately without additional time spent on preparation work.
Short-term rentals are also available, allowing you to try out the product before purchasing it.
If you have technical questions or require customisation, you can take advantage of the technical consultation service we offer. This product is ideal for those who want to immediately improve their production efficiency.
Start improving your manufacturing processes with S-CUBE today.

S-CUBE technical consultation service

We offer a technical consultation service for S-CUBE.
Please feel free to contact us for technical questions, customisation, etc.
S-CUBE is also available for rental.
You can try out the actual product at your premises.

For further information, please contact
TEL: 0566-81-1441

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Type Permissiblemaximum rpmRPM Weightg CAD
CSU-17 (S-CUBE cast iron)200001900zip
CSU-17-AL (S-CUBE Aluminium)20000900

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