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When selecting Crystals for your company’s needs, there are several important points to consider during the comparison and evaluation process.
1.Crystal Type and Structure
Identify the specific type of crystal (e.g., quartz, diamond, or cubic zirconia) suitable for your application. Understand the crystal structure and how it influences properties like hardness, transparency, and conductivity.
2.Purity and Quality
Assess the purity of the crystals. Impurities can affect their optical and mechanical properties. Check for any internal flaws or inclusions that might impact performance.
3.Size and Shape
Consider the size and shape of the crystals concerning the intended use. Some applications may require specific crystal sizes or shapes for optimal functionality.
4.Optical Properties
Evaluate optical characteristics such as transparency, refractive index, and color. Ensure that the crystals meet the requirements for light transmission or reflection in your application.
5.Mechanical Properties
Understand the mechanical properties, including hardness and durability. Choose crystals that can withstand mechanical stress or abrasion if applicable.