Standard type hotel pan available in a variety of sizes.

Semi-curled flange for easy cleaning.

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  • Flange shape for easy cleaning
  • Convenient for drainage work, etc.
  • Smooth and flat flange shape

Creating safe, secure, and delicious food

Product Information
Sugiyama Kogyo mainly manufactures commercial kitchen equipment and kitchen supplies. Among them, we introduce the products best suited for HACCP introduction and sanitation measures. Please take a look.

Toward a Global Standard
For 70 years, we have been exporting our products to North America and other countries. Sugiyama Kogyo is committed to thorough quality control in each manufacturing process, aiming for better products that can be used anywhere in the world. We are also committed to SDG’s (Sustainable Development Goals) activities from 2021.

Sugiyama Kogyo’s metalworking technology
Sugiyama Kogyo’s products, such as stainless steel kitchenware and stainless steel sinks, are used in restaurants and food factories. Sugiyama Kogyo creates products by utilizing the processing technologies we have cultivated over our long history and introducing new technologies.

Supplier Information

  • Store Name: SUGIYAMA KOGYO Co.,Ltd.
  • Vendor: SUGIYAMA KOGYO Co.,Ltd.
  • Address: 949-4523
    Niigata Nagaoka Jo-no-oka 1500