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Tometaro® is an environmentally friendly Polybdenum-based versatile putty for preventing and repairing water leakage.

In recent years, the lifelines of citizens have been cut off due to guerrilla downpours caused by global warming and large typhoons, and this has had a major impact on the lives of citizens.
Japan Quality “”Tometaro”” is a product developed specifically for underground installation to prevent such leaks in advance. We propose this product to promote flood countermeasures and waterproofing of facilities and infrastructure.

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Heat resistant to 90°C, following the surface temperature of the filling object

Designed to withstand surface temperature changes of extra-high-voltage cables. Proven in a severe hot water immersion test (in-house judgment test).

Capable of immediately responding to water leakage (running water).

Leakage repair work can be performed on the spot at various penetration points in various facilities, even if water is flowing out.

Easy removal and replacement of cables

Since it is possible to use putty filling alone (backup material + Tometaro), troublesome removal work can be avoided.

Safe anti-rodent and anti-rodent infiltration

In addition to flood prevention at each large facility, this product is also used for rodent prevention. Tested for environmental control and prevention of rodent infiltration (in-house evaluation test).

Japan Quality: Reliable and reliable quality

Stable and high quality to break down various problems such as “”hydrolysis”” that may occur when resin reacts with water, and problems derived from this chemical reaction.

Putty alone/watertight performance 0.05MPa clear

Watertightness test at 0.05MPa (water head 5m) in both directions, no leakage. No leakage.

Continuous water sealing is possible due to “”non-hardening

Because it is a non-hardening waterproofing material, there is no volume shrinkage during the resin hardening process, which prevents later water leakage events.

Reliable and proven track record in both the public and private sectors

Since its release, the product has been used in a wide variety of applications, including flood prevention measures for public offices and municipalities, as well as for flood prevention measures (waterproofing) at various plants.

Abundant lineup of options

We provide the appropriate product lineup for each construction site and water leakage location to solve the “”mizu problem”” more safely and reliably.

Ecology & Safety – friendly to the earth and human beings

ECOLOGY products that do not harden putty and can be refilled after removal. SAFETY products that do not cause skin irritation even if they adhere to human hands.


SUTARO (backup material)

Please use this to calculate the number of conduits required for each size of conduit. (This is a guideline when there are no cables in the conduit.)

The size (length) of SUTARO (backup material) is “”1,000 mm/piece.
The above standard may vary depending on the operator’s installation. Please understand.


Ecology Project in Japan

We aim to contribute to the economy in Japan in the 21st century with our original Ecology-conscious 3R products.

We are a company that provides all kinds of ecological products from all kinds of materials for all kinds of applications.

~Toward the realization of a sustainable society~

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