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Essential daily maintenance item!

Unexpected Leakage from Concrete Structures! Have you ever encountered a situation where you have to immediately stop water leakage from a structure that is deteriorating due to sudden guerrilla downpours or age-related deterioration caused by the recent linear precipitation zones? SOKUTOMERU”” is useful in such situations. Grab it in powder form, hold it with the palm of your hand, and press it against the leakage point for 10 to 30 seconds to react with water and stop it.

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Product NameInstant Hardening Waterproofing Material SOKUTOMERU
Contents20 kg bag, 5 kg bag
Amount of Water to AddFor pre-mixing: 1 kg / 300 ml
Usage Amount (Approximate)200g for a 50mm diameter leak
Hardening Time (Approximate)※1
  • 5°C: 2 minutes
  • 10°C: 1.5 minutes
  • 20°C: 1 minute
  • 30°C: 10-30 seconds
Compressive Strength (Test Value) N/mm2
  • Material age 1 hour: 14.7
  • Material age 24 hours: 26.5
  • Material age 1 week: 33.8
  • Material age 4 weeks: 40.1

※1 Curing time varies depending on the outside temperature and is not guaranteed. Please refer to the above guidelines when working with the product.

How to use

1. Take “”Sokutomeeru (powder)”” from the bottle and apply it to the leak.

2. Aim at the leak and press “”Sokutomeeru”” strongly. ※2

3. It reacts with water and starts hardening. Press the palm of your hand on the area for about 10~30 seconds and wait.

4. After confirming that the water sealing is complete, remove your hand. Remove excess material to complete the work.

※2 Before applying to the leakage area, be sure to compress the instant stopper with both hands as if you were grasping a sawtooth knife, and remove excess air.


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