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Uniform LASER light

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Laser light is used in various fields due to its high directivity and
monochromaticity (having a single wavelength). However, in general, the
intensity of laser light is non-uniform, and the light intensity may vary greatly
due to the irradiation area.
An optical system using a lens array can uniform the laser beam.
Isuzu Glass can not only manufactures lens arrays based on customer drawings,
but also deal with optical design and module manufacturing.
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Design examples

  • Uniform illumination optical system (fly-eye optical system that creates even
  • Irradiation/illumination optical system (lighting)
  • Imaging optics (camera)
  • Laser・fiber system (focusing and collimating laser light)

「Challenge to Innovation」


For around 110 years, Isuzu Glass has been developing original techniques and know-how and supplying a variety of optronics products to customers using unique manufacturing methods.

Our melting technology has made it possible to develop glass products that can perform special functions in the wavelength range of invisible ultraviolet and far-infrared rays. Furthermore, our development and production system works efficiently and effectively to respond to customers’ particular needs such as ‘a small quantity of glass with slightly different spectral characteristics’ and ‘glass with tailor-made functions’. We are proud that at present we are one of the companies in the world

President Koichiro Ikeda
that offer the largest line-up of functional glass products used in the wavelength range of invisible ultraviolet and far-infrared rays.Our technology of composition development is currently used not only in the optronics field but also in other applications such as hybridization with negative electrode active materials or organic materials for lithium ion secondary batteries.

Our molding technology has realized mass production of specially shaped lenses by means of integral molding using metal molds. The technology has developed greatly in the projector field, and the techniques have been designed to enhance the precision of lenses, minimize the size of molded lenses and enlarge the size of arrays so that the products are used for medical equipment and precision machinery. With the development of the molding technology, we develop our original product evaluation system and provide high-quality products and services to our customers.

The products manufactured by our state-of-the-art technologies are used in various fields requiring high reliability, and our company supplies the products in a variety of markets such as projectors, lasers, medical devices, sensors, semiconductors and energy-related equipment. Isuzu Glass is committed to strive to improve our accumulated skills and strengths with the goal of creation of ‘technology for customers’ as a top priority. We are determined to provide more and more excellent products and services for you by setting higher hurdles with the spirit of a challenger. We welcome your requests that will set a high hurdle for us to clear. We would appreciate your support and assistance in the future.

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Corporate Philosophy & Basic Code of Conduct

“Our management philosophy is to pursue the happiness of all our employees”

In order for us to make a spectacular success again for prosperity and happiness, it is most important to ensure that our clients and customers will be satisfied with dealing with newly-founded Isuzu. For this purpose, we will:

continue be a company relied on by customers;
continue to develop and improve the technology for customers; and
aim to develop state-of-the-art technologies to stay one jump ahead of competitors.

Newly-founded Isuzu is determined to contribute in good faith to success of all our customers with feelings of appreciation and with continuous effort.

address 1-53, Rinku Ohrai-kita Izumisano, Osaka, 598-0048, Japan.

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