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Activated carbon for metal adsorption MAXSORB HF-Series – Kansai Coke and Chemicals Company Limited

This activated carbon has a much higher amount of acidic surface functional groups than conventional activated carbon by utilizing our know-how and technology of alkaline activation. It demonstrates high performance not only for metals, but also for chlorine, ammonia, chloramine removal, etc.

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Kansai Coke and Chemicals Company, Limited provides activated carbon with high specific surface area and high acidic functional group content. In 1992, we were the first company in the world to succeed in mass production of alkali activated carbon, and since then we have been manufacturing and selling MaxSorb activated carbon with high specific surface area for over 30 years.
We have now added a new lineup of activated carbon that not only has a high specific surface area but also contains a higher amount of acidic functional groups than conventional activated carbon. It demonstrates high performance in the fields of metal, chlorine, ammonia, and chloramine removal.

Treat people as assets, treat nature as an asset, and create new value

Our main products⁠-coke for steel-making, fuel gas, and a various chemical products⁠-are not normally used directly by consumers. However, they are the raw materials for myriad products and contribute to peoples’ daily lives.
These days, we are aiming to use our knowledge of carbon chemistry and energy chemistry to contribute to society by launching businesses that cater to the changing needs of the times, such as manufacturing electrode materials for electric double-layer capacitors; precision cleaning of semiconductors, FPDs, and solar cell manufacturing equipment; and environmental analyses, materials analyses, and volatile organic compound (VOC) assessments.

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