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Three times the specific surface area of conventional activated carbon can be achieved! MAXSORB has a higher adsorption performance compared to conventional steam-activated carbon.

Alkaline activated carbon ””MAXSORB”” has a higher specific surface area than conventional(steam etc.) activated carbon. For example, a product whose specific surfacr area is more than 3,000 square meters per gram is available, which is three times higher adsorption performance compared to conventional steam-activated carbon.
There are various kinds of shape in MAXSORB products such as powder, granular, fiber and pellet.

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  • Three times the specific surface area of ordinary activated carbon!
  • We are developing not only powder but also fibrous activated carbon!
  • A wide variety of raw materials, activation conditions, and post-treatment processes are used to create a lineup of products with improved trihalogen adsorption performance, even with steam activated charcoal.

Applications / Examples

  • High-capacity capacitor electrodes
  • Water purifiers
  • Methane storage
  • Catalyst carriers
  • High-performance deodorizers
  • Adsorption heat pumps
  • Gas masks
  • Protective clothing
  • Hydrogen storage
  • VOC removal
  • Precious metal recovery
  • Rare gas adsorption
  • Medical/Healthcare


ACTIVATED CARBON is a carbonized adsorbent which has a lot of micropore formed by reaction of gas or chemicals at high temperature.

It is said that three different types of pore have each different role.

  1. Micro pore : <2nm
  2. Meso pore : 2~50nm
  3. Macro pore : 50nm<

The specific surface area of conventional activated carbon is about 1000m2/g.
This size is equivalent to 5 tennis courts.

We have higher surface area activated carbon whose surface area has more than 2,000m2/g (MAXSORB(R)), compared to standard activated carbon.

How to manufacture ACTIVATED CARBON

ACTIVATED CARBON is manufactured by carbonizing raw materials such as wood chips, coconut shells, and coal at high temperature and then making pore in the carbon through activation process.

There are two main methods of manufacturing activated carbon: gas-activated and chemical-activated.
We have both type of activated carbon : gas-activated carbon using steam and chemical-activated carbon using alkali metal compounds (KOH).

The above activated carbon is then washed, particle-size adjusted, and heat-treated as necessary.

What is MAXSORB® ?

High surface area activated carbon (MAXSORB®) is an alkali (KOH)-activated carbon that Kansai Coke and Chemicals Co., Ltd. succeeded in mass-producing advanced in the world in 1992.


While most of general steam activated carbon products are its surface area of around 1,000m2/g, some alkali activated carbon products have its surface area of more than 2,000m2/g, which means that they have high adsorption performance.


One of the characteristics of alkali activated carbon is that it has more edge surfaces than steam activated carbon.
These edge surfaces of carbon are said to be chemically active, and the evaluation of the edges can be used as a guide to the reaction activity of the carbon.

The end edge surfaces can be used, for example, as an electrode material for Electric Double Layer Capacitors, and residual chlorine removal in water purifiers.

※Explanation of graph
1. The edge of carbon is evaluated by our original method.
2. Specific Surface Area VS Active Point
when a steam activated carbon(1,000m2/g) is set to “1
(Plot: actual measurement, line: image)

Point3: SHAPE

We have powder, granular, fibrous, and pellet forms, and can make proposals according to the customer’s application.

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Our main products⁠-coke for steel-making, fuel gas, and a various chemical products⁠-are not normally used directly by consumers. However, they are the raw materials for myriad products and contribute to peoples’ daily lives.
These days, we are aiming to use our knowledge of carbon chemistry and energy chemistry to contribute to society by launching businesses that cater to the changing needs of the times, such as manufacturing electrode materials for electric double-layer capacitors; precision cleaning of semiconductors, FPDs, and solar cell manufacturing equipment; and environmental analyses, materials analyses, and volatile organic compound (VOC) assessments.

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