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Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate Analyzer Smart Rate Series – JOKOH CO.LTD.

Random access
Available for one by one test at any position.

Compact & Stylish
Smart Rate 10: 2.6kg
Smart Rate 20: 2.7kg
Smart Rate 40: 3.0kg

Rapid measurement
Quick mode:
30 min value and 1hr value – 15 min working time
2 hr value – 45 min working time

Low biological risk
Our tube is vacuum tube with a sterilization.
No need to transfer samples and low risk for infection.

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  • 3 models; 10 channels and 40 channels
  • Receive value of 30 min, 1hr, and 2hrs in Westergren’s method
  • Analysis time:
    Selectable for…
    1) 30min value and 1hr value – 15min working time 2hr value – 45min working time
    2) 30min value and 1hr value – 30min working time 2hr value – 45min working time
  • Disokay : 4.5 TFT color (touch panel)
  • Barcode reader : Built in


Contributing to the development of science and technology

1. R&D, manufacturing and sales of medical analyzers
2. R&D, manufacturing and sales of in vitro diagnostic products
3. Development, manufacturing and sales of software
4. Sales of medical equipment such as X-ray equipment and diagnostic imaging equipment
5. Sales of medical consumables
6. Export and import of medical and scientific instruments and in vitro diagnostic pharmaceuticals
6. Development, manufacture and sale of nano atomization equipment and contract processing of materials

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Dialysis Fluid Concentration Management

In Japan Society for Blood Purification in Medicine (JSTB), standardization of dialysis fluid component concentration measurement is being promoted. Amid increasing demand for certified equipment, we offer original, high-accuracy measurements of electrolyte concentrations in dialysis fluids.

Specimen Testing Devices

With the keywords of rapid, accurate, and simple, we develop devices that meet the diverse needs of various specimen testing fields. We provide reliable data from small amounts of samples, including blood.

Pathology & Cytology Testing

Utilizing new technologies such as ultrasonic processing and ISH (In Situ Hybridization), we develop products that enable high-quality specimen preparation and faster diagnostics. Our product lineup, considerate of the work environment, supports the ‘work-style reform’ in pathology testing.

Various Handled Products

To improve the work environment in pathology laboratories and meet diverse needs in specimen preparation, we offer products that assist our customers in ‘work-style reform’ related to pathology testing.

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