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YS RESIN TO, with its high use rate of renewable materials, is an aromatic modified terpene resin displaying excellent compatibility with various elastomers and polymers.

When formulated in EVA-based hot melt adhesives and SIS- and SBS-based hot melt adhesives, it exhibits well-balanced tackiness and adhesive properties.

It is also effective in modifying the formability, damping, and grip properties of various rubber-processed products. Our product line includes grades with high softening points, and YS RESIN TO125, with a softening point of 125ºC, is a tackifying resin produced exclusively by our company.

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Synthetic rubber-based PSAs and adhesives (SIS, SBS, SEPS, SEBS), EVA-based adhesives, Modified-silicon-based adhesives, Caulking agents, Acrylic-based PSAs and adhesives, Metallocene polyethylene-based adhesives and PSAs, Tires and other rubber molded products



* YS RESIN TO125 with a softening point of 125ºC is a product manufactured exclusively by Yasuhara Chemical.


Name of ProductsAppearanceSoftening Point(℃)ColorCAS RNPacking
YS RESIN TO125Bead125±5GS 2 max64536-06-720kgs Bag
YS RESIN TO115Bead115±5GS 2 max64536-06-7
and other
20kgs Bag
YS RESIN TO105Bead105±5GS 2 max64536-06-7
and other
20kgs Bag
YS RESIN TO85Bead or
85±5GS 2 max64536-06-7
and other
20kgs Bag

Contributing to the realization of a sustainable lifestyle through the fusion of the blessings of nature and science technology

Mankind in the twentieth century believed that economic growth was the answer to the realization of an abundant and prosperous life, and thus sought mass production and mass consumerism. However, this has resulted in serious environmental issues. The world faces energy and pollution problems due to our reliance on depletable fossil fuels.

In contrast, Yasuhara Chemical has pursued terpene technology that relies on natural and renewable resources such as turpentine oil and orange oil to develop safe and excellent quality products.

Unlike petroleum with its substantially unrenewable cycle, terpene derived from plants is a short-cycle renewable material. What the next generation seeks is a sustainable society where nature and people can coexist without adversely affecting each other. Yasuhara Chemical will continue to pursue the additional potential in terpene to link nature’s cycle with people’s lives.

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