Our Vision and Philosophy

Toward the Realization of a “NAMERAKA Society”

Toward “NAMERAKA” Society

What NTN aims for is realization of a sustainable “NAMERAKA Society.” A “NAMERAKA Society” means a society where people can easily lead a secure and fulfilling life in harmony with nature.
We aim to help solve global social issues through our technical expertise and services, especially for core products of hub bearings (the world’s No.1 market share), driveshafts (the world’s No.2 market share), and various bearings.

The Frontier Spirit

The founder’s “The Frontier Spirit” that led to the domestic production of bearings through perseverance and repeated research and prototyping to improve quality, undeterred by various difficulties. This spirit is demonstrated today in our active technical cooperation with overseas manufacturers and in our overseas expansion ahead of our competitors.

The Coexistence and Co-prosperity Spirit

The founder possessed a “The Coexistence and Co-prosperity Spirit,” which means not only making profits through business, but also contributing to the development of society and industry through business. This spirit underpins NTN’s business activities, which include the pursuit of energy-saving technologies that contribute to the global environment and the development of industries around the world.

Product Category

NTN develops various businesses worldwide with its main products of bearings


NTN hub bearings boast the world’s number one market share. The use of ceramics in the rolling elements has realized ultra-high speed rotation and improved lubrication characteristics.
We will also develop and propose products for further safety improvement and fuel efficiency, such as built-in ABS sensors and modularization with driveshafts.

C.V. Joints

Constant Velocity Joints (CVJ) was first commercialized in Japan by NTN as a joint to transfer drive power from vehicle engines to the tires. Since then, NTN has continued to lead the industry with its high level of technical expertise, developing and supplying high-performance, lightweight and compact CVJ with long a operating life for automobiles

Other Machinery & Industrial Equipment

Parts feeders are designed to store, align and supply a wide variety of parts. With high-speed, high-reliability, space-efficient and energy-efficient designs, they are used on various types of manufacturing and inspections lines.


The product lineup features common components and specifications, and is available with variations in shape and size, which eliminates the need for individual designs for a shorter development time.

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Campany Profile

Toward the Realization of a “NAMERAKA Society”with Core Technology of Bearings

Company NameNTN Corporation
LocationPostal Code: 530-0005
Address: Daibiru-Honkan Bldg., 3-6-32, Nakanoshima, Kita-Ku, Osaka
RepresentativeEiichi Ukai,
Representative Executive Officer
President, Executive Officer
CEO (Chief Executive Officer)
Description of BusinessManufacture and sale of bearings, driveshafts, and precision equipments
Number of Employees5,647(consolidated:23,027)
*as of March 2023

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