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Only stick it on a vibrating board (metal, resin) and the seat whichcan reduce a chatter sound to be generated by vibration.

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For Railroads

This is damping material made using butyl rubber to reduce the chatter vibration.
This product is applied to railroad vehicle panels to reduce noise when traveling.

For building materials

This is butyl-rubber type self-adhesive damping material that’s simple to use.
Just peel off the exfoliate paper and affix on to the back surfaceof the metallic roofing.
It reduces chatter vibration on metallic roofing.

NV-α : General purpose material. [Specific gravity : 1.6]
(Useable for Automobile, Home electric appliances, etc.)

NV-β : Heat-resistant material. [Specific gravity : 1.6]
(Useable on electro deposition coating process of Automobile.)

NV-γⅣ : High specific gravity material. [Specific gravity : 2.7]
(Reduces vibration by the mass effect.)


The OROTEX brand has been developed from our experiences and technology.

Our corporate philosophy is “Be honest, sensitive, and energetic.
To achieve something big, it is important to do small things one after another.

To accomplish something big, it is important to accumulate small things. “Sensitivity” means to have a rich sensitivity to appreciate, be moved, and be moved by even the smallest things. It is important to be grateful for everything without taking anything for granted, and in order to do so, we must be attentive to the smallest of details. By doing so, we can notice various things and become interested and aware of problems.

We specialize in soundproofing, sound insulation, and vibration control for automobiles, railroads, and living spaces, and have a variety of acoustic measurement equipment and facilities in-house.
We are capable of measurement, analysis, configuration study, and performance evaluation using semi-anechoic rooms, actual vehicles, and actual buildings.

In addition, we have business with all domestic manufacturers of automotive parts.
Our strength is that we conduct development, design, evaluation, and manufacturing in an integrated system.

We also plan, manufacture (outsourcing is also available), and sell products for general industries.

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