Compact model. The structure that the simple operability.

Quality Control Sorting Machine
Quality Control Sorting Machine with foreign substance reject function loading

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Feature 1 Price

The unit price per channel has been cut in half!
(TQ-18/18GR compared to our conventional models)

Feature 2 Compact size

Space-saving compact size with a height of 1600 mm, width of 482 mm, and depth of 807 mm, which can be installed in any location.

Feature 3 Chute Pitch Chute/EJ Pitch

Chute pitch is 4.5 mm, creating a better material alignment environment and improving processing accuracy and yield.

Feature 4 Energy-saving LED light source

Stable light intensity even at low temperatures ・Illumination is the same for each channel

Feature 5 Ancient Rice Sorting Function

Removes white-colored rice, brown rice, etc., from ancient rice (red rice and black rice).

Consistently setting the highest standards in safety and quality at everystage of development, manufacturing and sales.

We are a company formed for the purpose of contributing activities to “quality management and information sales provision” in the international community. We are mainly engaged in the collection of information on the international community, human resource management and development, financial management, machine design, and sales provision. It was established for the purpose of contributing to companies with “quality control” as their theme.

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