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This is a large, semi-automatic, roller-type noodle-making machine. It consists of three different models: a mixer, dough sheet making machine and finishing roller and rotary cutter.

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・The diameter of the roller is larger than that of the TP-2 model, with a larger gap between the rollers, which makes it easier to feed the dough into the machine and more operable. This expands the range of noodles (recipes) that can be made.

Main features

Noodle-making capacity
1,000-2,000 [servings/hour](※1)

Water content

Finished roll
Roller-type; unidirectional rolling

Noodle cutting
Slitter (thick blade or thin blade)

Note 1: Servings vary depending on the type of noodle.
Note 2: Water content depends on the recipe.


Sellers of Sanuki noodle manufacturing machinery and provides management consulting services.

Sanuki Menki Co., Ltd sells Sanuki noodle-making machines that mechanize the traditional handmade process and provide instructions in noodle production. The company has also opened “Udon School” and “Sanuki Ramen School” to provide instruction on Sanuki udon noodle production methods and practical training in making dashi (soup stock). The company also manufactures udon and pasta prototypes and provides consultation for those wishing to open ramen stores.

148-3, Shimokatsuma 148, Takase-cho, Mitoyo City, Kagawa Prefecture, 767-0011, Japan

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  • Store Name: Sanuki Menki Co., Ltd
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  • Address: 767-0011
    Kagawa Mitoyo 148-3, Shimokatsuma 148, Takase-cho