Tunnel Freezer® has been proven and trusted for many years. It is suitable for all types of products and features high reliability with simple and trouble-free operation.

Air Balance Method
This is the basic and highly versatile system of the Tunnel Freezer®. The cooler and fan are arranged symmetrically, and the pressure is balanced to prevent cold air from flowing out of the freezer. Cold air is sprayed on products from all directions while they are in the freezer to remove heat.

Simple Structure
The inside of the warehouse is simple and easy to see, making it easy to clean. It has a panel-type outer wall structure, in which insulating panels of urethane foam sandwiched between steel plates are assembled. These heat-insulating panels are designed with the high precision required for Tunnel Freezer®.

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Choice of Specifications


CIP Automatic Washing

CIP FOAM, a detergent specially designed for Tunnel Freezer®, washes the entire inside of the chamber to maintain a clean environment. Automation of the washing process saves labor and improves hygiene. Each process and area can be set to any desired cleaning time.

Floor tank

Panel freezers are available with a welded stainless steel floor tank. This improves the cleaning and drainage performance of the floor and allows for centralized drainage. It also improves the strength and durability of the floor.

Mesh belt

This is a balanced net type that does not use chains. A direct drive system is adopted, in which the net is driven by plastic gears. Power-saving and smooth conveyance without meandering.

Plastic belt

Plastic belts are characterized by their excellent peelability and the absence of mesh mesh. A wide selection of perforated belts is also available.

ADF (air defrost) device

ADF (air defrosting) equipment uses compressed air to blow off frost adhering to the cooler to maintain and extend the cooler’s heat exchange capacity. Air injection time and intervals can be set as desired.

Desiccant Dehumidification

Dry air dehumidified by the desiccant device is used to dry the inside of the cabinet to prevent frost buildup inside the cabinet.

Innovation in Food with Chilling Technology

TAKAHASHI GALILEI CO.LTD. developed Japan’s first tunnel freezer.
Supporting the world’s food culture as a leading company in cooling technology.

Design, manufacturing, sales, and installation of tunnel freezers (continuous rapid/freezing equipment)

Marudai Foods, Nichirei, Yamazaki Baking, Itoham

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