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The power of high-temperature steam removes dirt.

Lightweight and compact with a stainless steel body, ideal for hygiene control in food factories, etc.

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High cleaning power and sterilization effect
Steam and detergent at 140°C can be sprayed at the same time.

No splashing and fast drying
Low-pressure injection of high-temperature steam eliminates steam spattering for fast drying.

Continuous use
Continuous use is possible because fresh water can be constantly replenished and the machine can be connected to a water supply.

Adjustable steam volume
The amount of steam can be adjusted with a hand-held switch according to the degree of soiling.

Keep the environment beautiful and healthy

Description of Business
Import, export, manufacture and sales of pollution control and cleaning equipment and materials, and related products.
Sales of construction and civil engineering, machine manufacturing, electric machine manufacturing, measuring, transportation, machinery and equipment, and related goods.
Purchase and sale of used machinery and equipment such as cleaning equipment, washing equipment, and related goods.
Manufacture and sale of machine tool oil and related goods.
Import, export, manufacturing and sales of household electrical appliances.
Import, export and sales of products related to improvement of working environment and hygiene management.
Import, export and sales of synthetic resins and industrial chemicals.
Export, import, export and sales of daily necessities and sundries.
Sales and design/construction of propane gas, butane gas, and related equipment.
All businesses incidental to the above.

Supplier Information

  • Store Name: ZAOH COMPANY,LTD.
  • Address: 135-0012
    Tokyo 1-19-5 Mogari