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Soba making machine – Sobaraku – SONIC Corporation

Easy to make flavorful jyuwari soba at home

This revolutionary method differs from conventional buckwheat noodle making, making it easy to make your own special Jyuwari buckwheat noodles or cold noodles with buckwheat flour.

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Easy water spinning

The included water spinner is a high-performance water spinner that allows anyone to evenly and evenly spin water, which is considered difficult when making soba.

Kneading function

The originally developed kneading function produces firm, hard-to-break rice noodles while respecting the unique taste and texture of soba.

Pressing and Boiling

The dough is extruded directly into the hot water, so there is little contact with the air, allowing the soba to be boiled without losing its aroma and flavor.

Manufacturing that is environmentally-friendly products that benefit people.

In 1988, Sonic Corporation was founded with a mission to create environmentally-friendly products that benefit people. Our commitment to the local community is evident in our manufacturing operations, where we produce and sell items in various categories based on what we believe should exist. Our ongoing goal is to design and deliver products that are both globally beneficial and highly satisfying to our customers.

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