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Eliminates the heavy workload of stacking several layers of ceilings!Teflon coating for easy cleaning.

Compact and versatile.
Teflon-coated for easy cleaning

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Compact and versatile
This is a compact small steamer. It is used in place of a seiro, etc. Basically, it is used to steam glutinous rice, but can also be used to steam and crush potatoes by customizing the machine.
*A separate steaming stand is required as it is used on top of a steaming stand.

Teflon coating for easy cleaning
The drive is slow, making the machine less hazardous. The main body and screws are Teflon coated for easy cleaning.
The tank lid is kept open for continuous use.


Power sourceSingle phase 100V
Electric capacity0.1kw
Production volume100 kg of steamed rice per hour

Craftsman Cooking Made Possible by Machine
A food machinery manufacturer that works closely with people

The most important thing is that it tastes good.
And efficiency to finish without manual labor.
Durability to withstand hard use.
And a support system that responds quickly to problems.
Support system that responds quickly to problems.
Innovations in quality and speed in food production.

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