Sky Milnead fine grinding system Type2 – Skymilnade Japan K.K.

Crushed powder is discharged sequentially, thus preserving aroma and flavor without being affected by wind.

Suitable for grinding raw materials with relatively high oil content.

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  • Powder is discharged from the chute in front of the mill, making it suitable for grinding materials with relatively high oil content.
  • Fine milling of raw materials with high aroma and flavor is also possible.

Contributing to the Future of People and the Environment through Powder Technology Skymilnade Japan K.K.

SKYMILNADE can grind almost all dried materials such as rice, buckwheat, soybeans, wheat, and other grains, as well as powdered green tea, herbs, dried small fish, etc., while maintaining the color and aroma of the ingredients. We can also provide a wide range of services from coarse to fine milling to meet your needs.

Development and sales of airflow fine grinding mills
Contract grinding and processing services

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