Sensor Unit For TurboⅠ(DC) – URO Electronic Industry Co.

This is a unit component

Simple water-proofing (equivalent to IPX5)

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Power Supply Voltage


Attached Lead-wire

Lead-wire w/exclusive water-proofed Connector 100 mm x 2 pcs.

Detection System

By reflecting infrared light

Sensing Range

Automatically set-up
(max. distance 20 cm (by A4 white paper))

Outside Dimension of Control Unit

15.5(H)×22.0(W)×37.0(D) mm

Outside Dimension of Sensor Unit

15.0(H)×23.8(W)×14.0(D) mm

Feeder-wire Length

Approx. 30 mm


Simple water-proofing (equivalent to IPX5) for Turbo I (DC)

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