Semi-stainless steel agitator-mixer – Tokyo Kikuchi Shokai Co.

The agitator is made of stainless steel, so it can be used without any problem even when salt is contained in the processed materials.

To keep the price of the machine low, the base is made of steel and painted.

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*Safety devices can be installed when ordered.

*Processing capacity is the same as that of all stainless steel agitator-mixers.

Trust and ResultsTrust and Results

Craftsmanship passed down for more than 100 years.
Since our establishment in 1910, we have been selling various machines manufactured in our own factory and used in many fields other than the brewing field.
We have a large selection of products to meet your needs.
Therefore, there are many products that we cannot list here. Please feel free to contact us.
We also provide design, equipment, and other stainless steel processing and modification services for small and medium-sized plants.

Making the most of our strengths
Revive your beloved machines that have deteriorated over time
We have the advantage that we do not do full model changes in order to ensure that our machines can be used for many years.

We can revive a corroded machine like the one shown in the image by modifying every detail of the machine to make it an all-stainless steel machine.
The maintained machine will be made entirely of stainless steel, maximizing its added value and ensuring that it will be used for many years to come.

Supplier Information

  • Store Name: Tokyo Kikuchi Shokai Co.
  • Vendor: Tokyo Kikuchi Shokai Co.
  • Address: 960-8111
    Fukushima Tamura-shi 121-80, Aza-numashita, Kitakamata, Funabiki-cho