Rice Steamer Mushiraku WK-RS1/WK-RS2 – Watanabe Industry Co.

The new mechanism produces the same steaming result as that of a seiro.

Uneven steaming of rice due to the use of stainless steel punching and three screws!
The hopper section is made of wood for soft steamed rice.

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For mass production of red rice!

Continuous steaming of glutinous rice
Continuous steaming of leaped rice

Can be used as a steaming table by removing the hopper (for use with a rice cooker, etc.).

We cherish our pride as a group of professionals in manufacturing with a focus on coating that protects the life and enhances the value of things.

Recognizing the importance of preserving the global environment, Watanabe Industry Co., Ltd. will actively and continuously promote environmental preservation activities with the participation of all employees to minimize the burden on the global environment in the spirit of “beautiful harmony between people’s affluent lives and the global environment” in response to our customers.

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