Rice Steamer- KB-1400 – Sakai Machinery Corporation

For continuous cooling of steamed rice, soya beans and other foodstuffs.

Easy to wash and operate.
A new cooler and cooler that keeps your plant clean.

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Clear front drop door.
Allows a clear view of the interior and is convenient for work management.

Line-type emergency stop system (optional)
Emergency stop of the net crusher/fan from anywhere by pulling the line in case of an emergency.
The line is attached to both sides of the cooling system from the inlet to the outlet of the cooling system, ensuring the safety of workers in a wide area.

Sealed door for improved cooling efficiency.
The wide stainless steel door can be opened for complete cleaning and cleanliness inside.

Safe and hygienic
Net cleaner brushes clean off adherents.

Great energy savings
Inverter control is used for the net and fan.

Maintenance-free direct drive motor
No chains, couplings or other transmission components are used, which reduces the risk of breakdowns.

Always clean floor surfaces
Drainage channels are located on both sides of the frame.


Capacity varies depending on outside temperature, material input temperature, etc.

Specification/typemini KB-350KB-600AKB-750AKB-900AKB-1200A
Capacity 100°C → 35°CSoybeans kg/hour400700100015002800
Capacity 100°C → 35°CRice, wheat kg/hour4001000150023004200
Net drive0.1kW0.2kW0.2kW0.4kW0.4kW
Fan0.6kW1.5kW2.2kW3.7kW3.7kW *2units
Disintegrating crusher0.06kW
1 place
1 place
1 place
2 places
3 places
Hopper crusherPulley driven0.1kW0.1kW0.1kW0.1kW
Net CleanerScraper driven type0.2kW0.2kW0.2kW0.2kW


The following are standard dimensions. Fan layout and dimensions can be changed to match the layout of your plant.

Dimensions/typemini KB-350KB-600AKB-750AKB-900AKB-1200A
Effective net width3506007509001200

Other options

1) Net washing device

2) Enlarged hopper

3) Additional crusher

4) Stainless steel fan

It contributes to the efficiency of operations at food manufacturing sites.

Sakai is highly regarded in the industry as a development-oriented manufacturer that gives shape to customers’ requests and produces high value-added food processing machinery. We have also established our own brand of filling machines.

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