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rice separator-Echo Selector R Series – Marushichiseiskujo Co.Ltd

Removing small rice makes rice very tasty.

Unique vibrations, similar to handling a flue, remove immature and crushed rice from the white rice, resulting in a uniform grain of rice.
Anti-clogging measures are provided to prevent a reduction in capacity due to clogging during sorting.
The standard sorting mesh has a 1.9 mm mesh. As an option, replacement nets with 1.7, 2.1 and 2.3 mm mesh are also available.

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Why does rice sorted by Echo Selector R Series taste better?

1. the rice is grain-rounded.

The R1 can remove small and crushed rice from rice to produce uniformly milled rice grains.
When the size of the rice grains are uniform, the rice becomes fluffy and very tasty, with even firmness. If the rice is mixed with small or crushed rice, heat is not transferred evenly during cooking, which inevitably results in uneven hardness, and the cooked rice is watery and, above all, the texture is not as good as it could be. To cook tasty rice, it is essential to remove as much small or crushed rice as possible from the rice.

2.Bran on the rice skin must be removed.

When the rice flows over the vibrating sieve net (sorting net), not only the small rice (crushed rice) but also the bran remaining on the rice skin is removed by rubbing the rice against each other, making it shiny and clean. This not only improves the appearance of the rice, but also eliminates the smell of bran, making the rice tastier than the rice before sorting, to the point where you may be surprised that the rice is cooked from the same rice. The rice is so tasty that you will be surprised to find out that it is made from the same rice. The double-layered sorting mesh has a “beating ball” in between to prevent clogging, which constantly strikes the mesh surface from the underside as the mesh vibrates, enabling efficient sorting without the risk of clogging.

The R2 (1200-2400 kg/h) and R3 (2400-4800 kg/h) are highly efficient selectors for plants. The upper stage for coarse sorting removes straw dust, bran balls and other oversize debris, while the lower stage sorts and removes small rice (crushed rice) to ensure that the rice grains are uniformly sorted. As with the R1, the sorting mesh in the lower section contains a “beating ball” to prevent clogging, which constantly strikes the mesh surface from below as the mesh vibrates, enabling efficient, clog-free sorting.


Marushichi’s traditional, sturdy construction that never breaks down.
The sorting mesh is anti-clogging, so it cannot be clogged by rice or bran during operation.

Replacement net

In addition to the standard 1.9 mm mesh, the R1 sorting mesh is available in 1.7 mm, 2.1 mm and 2.3 mm mesh sizes.
The R2 and R3 for plants are equipped with a two-tier sorting mesh, the upper tier being 4.3 mm mesh for coarse sorting and the lower tier being 1.9 mm mesh as standard. The R2 and R3 are available with 1.7 mm, 2.1 mm and 2.3 mm mesh sizes as well as the standard 1.9 mm mesh size for the lower section as replacement mesh. The R2R3 is available in the following sizes.

The skillful workmanship of our craftsmen is incorporated into each and every item!

Marushichi’s Commitment to its Products

Marushichi’s products have the skill to bring out the best taste of grains!

The main feature of our products is that each and every one of them is handmade by skilled craftsmen.
Our products are characterized by the fact that they are all handmade by skilled craftsmen.
In a word, our products are “quality and soundness”. The name says it all, and although it may not look fancy on the outside, the internal mechanism is made with great attention to detail.

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