rice powder machine- MP2-350YSV – Yamamoto Co.Ltd.

Flavor and hue of ingredients intact General-purpose fine crusher.

Applicable to various dried materials such as rice, soybeans, buckwheat, minor grains, etc.
Easy to adjust the size of the milled grain.
Easy to clean and prevent contamination. Dedicated use is recommended for allergy-free milling.

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  • Applicable materials Rice, soybeans, buckwheat, minor grains, etc.
  • Average grain size (μm) min. 20
  • Processing capacity (kg/h) max. 15

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Our Visions
Creating Personal Connections
We always listen to the customers who use our products. That means more than just listening during sales. We seek to hear their opinions directly by accompanying the dealers who sell our products to maintain and conduct checks on our products.

These opinions are crucial for creating new products. We can provide satisfying products and services by building a trusting relationship with the customer. That’s why we develop strong ties with the community and give credence to even the most critical opinions.

Creating Ideas
In addition to the technology and expertise we have developed since our founding as a manufacturer specializing in post-harvest equipment, we also incorporate the opinions of our customers. We fully understand the work of the producers, and for that reason, we can make products that our customers genuinely require.

We conduct repeated design review conferences for each product until completion. Our people transcend the boundaries of technology, sales, and manufacturing, checking the product concepts and functions from every possible perspective. The result is an entirely new product or service that is constantly refined.

Creating Our Workforce
To provide products and services that satisfy our customers, we encourage our employees to grow continuously. We are dedicated to training personnel that creates actual value for our customers.

Craftsmanship starts with the development of personnel. We improve our employees’ specialized skills in stages by identifying what they need to perform well. That becomes the basis for our comprehensive training.

We are also actively involved in developing the people in our community by providing internships for local high school and university students and accepting trainees from international organizations.

Creating Products
In our plant, we adhere to the motto, “make Yamamoto products that you would want to buy.” This keeps us focused on manufacturing with the customer in mind and ensures a sense of accountability for what we sell to them.

We are attentive to every detail, keeping in mind the customer’s circumstances who will use our products. We also have third parties thoroughly check our plants for inefficiencies and to help us optimize our manufacturing processes.

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