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rice packing machine- NX-180R – NOMURA CORPORATION

A quick packer that meets the needs of productivity, diversity, and speed!

Inheriting the philosophy of the Intelligent Series, this weighing and packaging machine analyzes the functions required for rice packaging and pursues further speed, ease of use, and compactness. Advanced technology has been utilized to achieve even greater ease of use and higher speed.

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Main Features

Three high-speed weighing machines are installed to achieve high speed.
Improved sealing reliability Side grip system securely holds bags in place.
Seal temperature control device ensures stable sealing at all times.
Easy maintenance and sanitation Each mechanical unit is easy to clean, adjust, and maintain.
Fully automatic mold changeover Automatic mold changeover for film size, weighing value, seal setting, printing position, etc. by simply reading barcodes.

Main Specifications

Model Name NX-180R Nexus
Weighing method Load cell type (3 units)
Weighing accuracy ±2g
Minimum scale 1g
Weighing and packaging range 1-10kg
Packaging capacity 25 bags/min
Packaging material

Tube roll bag (polyethylene, aluminum vapor deposited, laminated, breathable sealed bag)
Width: 200 to 360 mm, Length: 280 to 570 mm
Tube roll paper tube inner diameter Φ76-78mm, maximum winding diameter Φ360mm

Sealing method: Impulse seal (seal width: 3.2 mm)
Machine dimensions Width 1320 mm, Depth 2775 mm, Height 2885 mm
Weight 2500kg


The packaging materials and packaging machinery that the Nomura Sangyo Group focuses on are closely related, but not many companies are involved in both.

The packaging materials business allows us to build a continuous relationship with our customers, while the packaging machinery business allows us to enter factories and obtain information related to equipment.

We are able to provide optimal solutions in terms of both packaging materials and packaging machinery.

Customer confidence
In addition to its strength as a company that possesses knowledge gained through its achievements since its establishment, Nomura Sangyo has earned the trust of its customers and achieved stable earnings by continuing to provide attentive services to its customers in accordance with its philosophy.

Independent company
As an independent packaging-related business company, we are in a position to make proposals that are in line with the requirements and interests of the companies to which we sell, without being tied to a specific customer relationship.

Supplier Information

  • Address: 203-0012
    Tokyo Higashikurume-shi 5-32-23 Maesawa