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rice mill dryer-TCZ-ELL55 – Sizuoka Seiki Co.Ltd.

The strongest “toughness” TCZ dryer in Sizuka’s history “to the top

Professional Durability
Durability-reinforced parts are used for the main parts (1) to (8) (elevator top plate, discharge pipe, dispersion plate, flow grain cylinder, etc.) that are prone to wear and tear.

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Easy cleaning of dryer interior

The middle exhaust airway removal function, which has been well received by our super-large dryers, is now available.

Safety equipment can be installed according to warehouse and work space

The installation position of the high work platform, wide handrail, safety belt attachment fittings, etc. can be selected according to the installation location, allowing work to be performed with peace of mind during inspection and maintenance. *Working at heights can be dangerous, so please consult with the place of purchase.

Various dryer installation patterns

The dryer equipment can be installed in 10 patterns with 2 types of blowers (oblique flow type/centrifugal type) and 3 patterns for the dust remover, allowing you to select the installation position according to the installation location.

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We will provide you with recommended drying methods that match the season.

Check the dryer anytime, anywhere

Compatible with the SSDM remote monitoring system. You can check the status of your dryer whenever you want or need to. A separate communication contract is required.

Speedy conveyance

14 tons/hour for tensioning, 11 tons/hour for discharging] Further improves work efficiency! Our original flat belt with V enables stable transfer with less slippage.

Company that manufactures agricultural and industrial machinery such as grain dryers and rice milling equipment

Founded as a manufacturer of weaving machines, the company has since transformed into a manufacturer and seller of agricultural and industrial machinery, and is known as a leading manufacturer of grain dryers and commercial cold/heat equipment. The company boasts the top domestic market share for brown rice cold storage and infrared oil heaters. In addition to nine sales offices in Japan, including the head office, the company operates a sales network in 35 countries around the world, with manufacturing subsidiaries in Dalian, China and Iksan, Korea. In addition to the existing North American and European markets, the company is expanding into the grain-growing regions of Southeast Asia, where Japanese agricultural technology is being introduced. The company aims to contribute to an eco-friendly society by deepening and evolving its three technologies of light, wind, and heat. Major customers include Zen-Noh, Kubota, Yanmar Agricultural Machinery, and Trusco Nakayama.

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