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rice mill dryer-Super Tight CTA – Kaneko Agricultural Machinery Co. Ltd.

Easy-to-operate, easy-to-use dryer

The most proven low-cost type of dryer that dries with low-temperature, high-airflow air. Simple operation and extensive functions are achieved with our unique control.

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  • Easy to operate control panel with emphasis on operability. Digital display allows clear confirmation of operating status.
  • Computer-controlled alpha burner ensures stable combustion from low to high temperatures.
  • Wide horizontal tensioning hopper for easy tensioning. Left and right sides can be selected.
  • Automatic moisture meter prevents over-drying. Finishes with high quality.
  • Dust remover is an option.

Company engaged in the manufacture and sale of agricultural machinery primarily for grain

The company manufactures and sells agricultural machinery mainly for grain. The company’s main products are grain dryers that use far-infrared rays and hot air. The company also handles color sorters, hot air generators using wood pellets, and cold storage facilities.

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