Receiver – RX-493i – Sanwa Electronics Co.

Indicator Function compatible Indicator function can be checked signal strength connected transmitter.

The indicator function can be used for finding problems as incorrect receiver placing
 and finding the best receiver position for transmitter.
 By SANWA technical development, indicator function can be checked signal
 strength without any effect with response.

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Compact receiver
Plug in Bind
Short Coaxial Antenna


●2.4 GHz FHSS5 Spread Spectrum System 4ch
●Compatible with Telemetry
※Cannot connect RPM sensor and Temperature sensor
To measure RPM and Temperature is only
combine with SUPER VORTEX series
●Compatible with SSL (SUPER VORTEX Series, etc…)
●Ultra Response Mode (SUR)
●Extreme Response Mode (SXR)
●The smallest and most light receiver in the class

*RX-493i can be used with FH5 transmitters do not have indicator function.
*RX-493i is not different with RX-493 except installing indicator function.
*Indicator function can be used with transmitters are compatible with indicator function.


2.4 GHz FHSS5


Nominal Input Voltage
3.7~7.4 V

26.0 x 23.2 x 14.0 mm

6.2 g

Compatible radio
M17, MT-5

Quality Control System

In-house control system for production process and product inspection

High-Quality Considered Design
From the development stage, we apply our quality management system to ensure high quality and reliability in our designs. In addition, our head office, China, and Vietnam companies have acquired ISO9001 certification, and we aim to continuously improve our quality management system.

Acceptance Inspection in Japan
Acceptance inspections are conducted in Japan to confirm the quality level before delivering products to Japanese customers.

Reliability Evaluation
We have been ensuring quality by making full use of our technology and know-how cultivated through long years of experience in reliability evaluation.

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