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Multi-touch Gesture Operation with Resistive Touchscreen

Smartphone-like operation with resistive film. Multi-touch gestures

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4-wire cell type light load multi-touchscreen

DMC’s original 4-wire cell type resistive multi-touchscreen series. Light-load multi-touch for smartphone-like gesture operation.

Analog multi-touch type

A touchscreen with a significantly reduced input load and a controller with a high output rate

enable smooth multi-touch gestures even with resistive films.

No blur in operation due to high noise immunity

Compared to capacitance, pressure-sensitive operation eliminates the risk of noise.

Multi-touch gesture operation is possible while maintaining the ease of use of resistive film.


As a specialized manufacturer of touch panels, we are committed to contributing to the progress and development of the community and society and to a better tomorrow for everyone.

DMCC strives to contribute to the advancement of manufacturing and our daily lives by providing touch panels that are widely used in various industries and settings. We manufacture, sell, and provide support for touch panels with the aim of growing alongside our many customers. Alongside more than 100 standard touch panel products, we work closely with our customers from the planning stage to develop bespoke solutions tailored to their unique needs and the environment in which they will be used. Moreover, we offer a wide range of additional options that can enhance the functionality and usability of touch panels and add value to our customers’ products.

Detects the position of a panel pressed with a finger or pen by measuring the change in voltage. The TOUCHSCREEN can be operated with gloves or other gloves, regardless of the input medium, and offers superior ease of use and reliable operation. The light-load type, which requires much less input load than conventional resistive touchscreens, enables gesture operation similar to that of smartphones. The multi-touch type offers a wider range of operations, while the single-touch type allows only a single point to be pressed.

Position is detected using electrical capacitive coupling that occurs when a finger touches the panel. We offer both a lightweight film/film structure type used in consumer products and a glass/glass structure type for industrial applications with excellent robustness and weather resistance.

We offer appealing services that emphasize design with various options such as touch panel sensors and LCDs (liquid crystal displays) that can be efficiently selected according to the application, as well as customizable cover glass. We also offer optimal solutions to meet your needs by standardizing applications through the use of a single touch panel controller.

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