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Metal Este Premium GMEF-1000 – S.T-Link Co. Ltd.

A multitasking machine that combines all the functions of the METAL AESTHETE series.

All machining processes, from dross removal, deburring, and R-machining to workpiece surface finishing, can be performed in a single series. It has an unparalleled machining range and can improve productivity.

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Models with integrated 3-process

The basic model is an integrated 3-process model.

Belt polishing + deburring” and “deburring + finishing” models are also available. Please contact us for details.

A thickness sensor enables complex polishing with simple operation.
Space-saving and high value-added model that integrates three processes in one machine.
Uniform deburring by attacking from all directions.
The polishing brush strikes burrs at the edges to eliminate secondary burrs.
Finishing roller finishes and polishes the surface cleanly.
Easy operation with thickness detection sensor.

S.T-Link Co., Ltd. for Sheet Metal Fabrication, Frame Welding, and Pipe Laser Processing

Since our company was founded in 1973, we have always been striving for research and development to satisfy our customers’ needs through manufacturing, and we have been able to reach the present day.
We would like to express our sincere gratitude to all of you for your support.

In the sheet metal industry, there is a growing demand for a comprehensive company that provides planning, design, manufacturing, and assembly services for the convenience of consistency. We have been highly appreciated by our customers for our well-equipped facilities and advanced technical capabilities.
We will continue to provide our know-how cultivated through our environmental business to our customers in a better form, and with the theme of improving humanity, we will continue to do our best as a company that is sought by the world as our sense of mission.

We recognize that the way of trust and responsibility as a manufacturer is an important issue for us, and we are determined to make further progress and contribute to the local community.

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