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Lava Kiln Reel Oven – Kushizawa Electric Works Co.

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●Many far-infrared rays
●Moisture retention
●Short and efficient

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Safe and Efficient

Burns are reduced when loading and unloading because the oven can be loaded and unloaded at a fixed height.
Fixed-type ovens require replacing breads to prevent uneven baking.
Reel ovens are rotating, so they bake evenly and can be baked without the need for replacement work, which reduces heavy labor and makes them easy for women to handle. Kushizawa’s reel oven is a safe and reliable oven that anyone can handle.

Lava Kiln Effect

The lava kiln reel oven can bake bread in a short time due to the far-infrared rays that heat up easily. The far-infrared radiation has a large wall, so the core of the bread is baked evenly. Short baking time reduces the rate of moisture loss and preserves the flavor of the bread. Bread baked in a lava kiln reel oven is crispy on the outside and moist on the inside. The lava kiln reel oven can bake any kind of bread.

Manufacturer and sales of “lava ovens” and “electric reel ovens” for baking bread and associated products.

Kushizawa Electric Works Co. produces and manufactures “Fuji Lava Kiln” and “Commercial Lava Pizza Kiln” for baking bread and pizzas. Additional products provided are the “Electric Tandoor Kilns”, “Lava Stone Kilns” and home-use ovens such as “Bakery at Home “. Other commercial products are the “Bakery Yorozu Sodanshitsu,” which provides support for opening a bakeries.

Supplier Information

  • Store Name: Kushizawa Electric Works Co.
  • Vendor: Kushizawa Electric Works Co.
  • Address: 221-0014
    Kanagawa Yokohama-shi 1-32-6 Irie, Kanagawa-ku