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Jetman GCHD0820 Antibacterial / GCHD1513 Antibacterial – ZAOH COMPANYLTD.

Heavy Duty Room Temperature High Pressure Washer

【TSA certified】 200V type, antibacterial specification
Normal temperature water HD high-pressure cleaner

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Antimicrobial resin cover
The use of resin containing a silver-based antimicrobial agent inhibits the growth of bacteria inside and outside the cover.
Ideal for hospitals, nursing care facilities, food factories, food and beverage facilities, and other sites requiring a high level of hygiene control.

Adoption of stainless steel frame
This is ideal for food factories, fish processing plants, etc., as it is highly resistant to rust and corrosion and is hygienic.

Adoption of triple plunger pump
The combination of a highly durable pump with excellent pressurizing efficiency and a large 4kW motor provides a long life of reliable use.

Two models: high-volume and high-pressure types
Two models are available: a high-water-volume type (GCHD0820-II) that washes away stubborn dirt all at once with a large amount of water, and a high-pressure type (GCHD1513-II) that powerfully removes stubborn dirt with high-pressure water. They are useful for a variety of applications.

Residual water system
High durability is achieved by reducing stress on the pump when starting/stopping discharge or idling during long hours of continuous operation. It also extends the life of consumables.

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Description of Business
Import, export, manufacture and sales of pollution control and cleaning equipment and materials, and related products.
Sales of construction and civil engineering, machine manufacturing, electric machine manufacturing, measuring, transportation, machinery and equipment, and related goods.
Purchase and sale of used machinery and equipment such as cleaning equipment, washing equipment, and related goods.
Manufacture and sale of machine tool oil and related goods.
Import, export, manufacturing and sales of household electrical appliances.
Import, export and sales of products related to improvement of working environment and hygiene management.
Import, export and sales of synthetic resins and industrial chemicals.
Export, import, export and sales of daily necessities and sundries.
Sales and design/construction of propane gas, butane gas, and related equipment.
All businesses incidental to the above.

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