[Japanese premium NMN] NMN極|KIWAMI – MediaBrain Group, Inc.

NMN KIWAMI, launched by Asa Pharmaceuticals in April 2021, is a high-content NMN supplement designed for effective NMN intake.

With 21,600mg of NMN per box, it utilizes domestically produced NMN with a purity of 99.5%, encapsulated in acid-resistant capsules for optimal absorption.

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Unique Selling Propositions (USPs)

•High NMN Content
•Premium Purity
•Optimized Absorption

Country/region of origin

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Founded with the ambitious aim of becoming the world’s largest conglomerate, MediaBrain Group is the embodiment of innovation, vision, and leadership.

Headquartered in Japan and the U.S., we operate at the intersection of technology, culture, and commerce. Our diverse team of thought leaders and industry experts are united by a single mission: to make a meaningful impact on the world

Our approach is rooted in a deep respect for both tradition and modernity. We recognize the importance of preserving the invaluable artisanship that has been passed down through generations, even as we embrace the technologies that are shaping the future.

We’re not just in the business of making profits; we’re in the business of making a difference. With every venture we undertake, we aim to create sustainable solutions that will not only elevate industries but also contribute to the betterment of communities worldwide.

At MediaBrain Group, we don’t just envision a better future; we’re building it.

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