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Industrial Apple Peeler PDSTT/R – ABL S.r.l.

For over 40 years, ABL has brought quality and consistency to the forefront, because when it comes to delivering a perfect piece of produce, every variable matters.

The Industrial Apple Peeler PDSTT/R can be used to process apples. Thanks to a fully automatic system, Industrial Apple Peeler PDSTT/R orientates, peels, cores, and cuts into different sizes up to a max. of 100 apples per minute. To ensure max. production flexibility, it is available in models: 50, 75, or 100 fruits per minute.

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• Processes up to 100 pieces/minute
• Gathers different processing options altogether
• Performs the automatic feeding and aligning of apples
• Peels and cores apples
• Cuts in various styles such as wedges, slices with seed cleaning, rings, etc
• Slicing process can be switched to just coring, leaving the apple whole without having to stop the machine
• Can be used as an industrial apple peeler, corer, slicer, or wedger for the fresh-cut, IQF, drying, or canning industries.



We’re a part of the Gulftech family of companies. From leaders in labeling solutions to pioneers in food science, Gulftech owns and operates a number of food processing companies across the globe.

Carlo Ascari founded ABL, a company that manufactured fruit processing machines and systems for the local canning industry, which was the reference market during that period. However, thanks to the founder’s ability to predict market trends and his willingness to expand the company’s business, in just a few years, ABL grew and entered international markets.

1980 – 1990
During these years the company’s core business changed rapidly, moving towards the production of machines and systems for the processing of apples, pears and peaches for both the European and American markets.

Luca and Daniela, son and daughter of the founder Carlo Ascari, joined ABL, reorganizing the company property structure, which was divided into equal shares among the father, the mother, and the children.

1998 – 1999
ABL began its adventure in the new fresh-cut market, creating new product lines designed specifically for this target, with fruit processing systems that prepare the various types of fruit for the preserved fresh-cut market and deep-frozen market.

As of 2000
ABL started exporting its fruit processing systems abroad, thanks to innovative technologies and customized solutions that reinforced its international importance and its ability to penetrate the market.

This was a difficult year marked by the earthquake that severely affected the entire industrial fabric of the Emilia region and that obliged ABL to a temporary office change in a rented building. Despite the repercussion suffered by the company after the earthquake, ABL increased its turnover and its presence in the fruit processing systems market, establishing itself as a reality in continuous growth.

In July 2019 ABL joined the Gulftech family, positioning ABL alongside the world’s most recognized leaders in the engineering, manufacture, lease, sale, and service of industrial equipment and components. We are proud to bring our leading fruit processing design, manufacturing, and servicing expertise to Gulftech’s already diverse and accomplished global family.

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