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Hoegger® X3 Form press delivers highest yield with minimum operating costs

Provisur’s immense experience in Form pressing of a variety of meat products is reflected in the latest Hoegger machine, the X3 Form press. Controlling gentle forming of the products guarantees maximum yield at minimum operating costs, even with large deformations. The heart of the new X3 press is the servo press technology. This enables fast and precise travel profiles and controlled application of force.

Models: E3, X3, X3i available in low, medium and high capacity

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Higher yield due to intelligent Servo press technology and controlled compression
User-friendly and simple machine operation
Versatile loading and unloading modules enables fully automatic product lines
Intelligent force control combined with 3D pressing allows gentle forming of each product
Developed for all needs of Industry 4.0
Smallest footprint in the industrie


Gain an edge with Provisur’s global brands and expertise

Produce high quality applications that hit all the industry trends — cleanly and efficiently. Our portfolio of leading food processing machine brands and decades of food science and sales experience help your business win in growing food markets.

50 Years of Innovation

Provisur’s brands have been leading the way in manufacturing industrial food processing equipment for over 50 years. Our highly experienced team of food scientists, product specialists and engineers thrive on delivering innovation. Our revolutionary designs are used around the world and represent over 350 global patents — part of an extensive portfolio of the industry’s most trusted, high-performing brands.

Headquartered in Chicago, Illinois, our company has a global network of sales and service locations to provide local support. We take the time to fully support our customers and invest in progressive solutions that solve their challenges. In fact, many of our most unique innovations are born from hearing what our customers need to perfect their taste and quality, increase throughput and compete in new and evolving markets.

Innovative Industrial Food Processing Equipment

At Provisur, we pride ourselves in providing customer-driven innovations and solutions that satisfy a wide variety of industrial food processing needs:

  • Industrial defrosting equipment
  • Marinating, tenderizing & injecting
  • Separation
  • Food forming equipment
  • Frying, cooking & smoking
  • Meat sizing
  • Form pressing
  • Slicing
  • Freezing
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